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Qrma | Highly Recommended


Nature created Courmayeur. Mankind created its myth. We selected the best of both and we created Qrma, a quality brand which was made to raise the traditional art of welcoming to the highest level. In Qrma you can find a world of high quality: dreamy houses, authentic atmospheres, delicacies and unforgettable relaxing moments. After all, that is all you need to enjoy in every possible way a unique place in the world. We highly recommend it.

Le Perle di Qrma

The places we visit choose their own visitors, houses choose their own guests.
QRMA's gems are waiting just for you. They're such stuff as your dreams are made of. They will keep them protected and cuddled.

Scopri Le Perle di Qrma

Le Dimore di Qrma

Qrma's stone and wooden houses. They're so much more than simple holiday houses, Qrma's residences are about mountains stories and unique moments, they're as unique as the place in which they come to life.

Il Focolare di Qrma

Home is where your friends, your loved ones, your memories are. Qrma is the mountain lodge where this feeling of belonging can come to life or live again everytime you'll knock on the door.

Le Prelibatezze di Qrma

Gifts of nature turned into appetizing food that will tickle your palate and all of your senses. Qrma's delicacies are the result of a millennial love story between mankind and nature.

Il Benessere di Qrma

The harmony of spirit often goes through body care. Qrma's wellness it's a path to reach psychophysical balance. A way to elevate yourself without climbing Mont Blanc.